Fast, secure hosting for WordPress

MedievalWP is a robust managed WordPress hosting service that is remarkably easy with epic performance. Better yet, it’s affordable. You won’t be disappointed.

With just a few clicks, you can easily transfer, or begin hosting, your WordPress site with MedievalWP.

A cloud-based solution, MedievalWP can load your pages faster, install needed updates, and provide a level of security to make your website a virtual fortress! Want to be treated like online royalty? Sign up today!

A Faster site

Bring your WordPress website to us, or even if you’re starting fresh, you’ll notice that it is loading much faster, and converting more customers. Website speed is absolutely paramount in your battle for success.

A managed site

A lot is often neglected when owning a website. Duties such as constantly updating your plugins, upgrading WordPress, plugging holes, beefing up your security, and performance tuning.

Behind these sturdy castle walls, we have real wizards who take care of everything.

A secure site

Security is important. We have intrusion detection, trigger-happy firewalls, every-five-minute monitoring, instant blocking, and heavily fortified top-end servers. These are all here to protect your investment.

MedievalWP is fast and simple to use. Our WordPress hosting service is built on very snappy infrastructure, optimised for high performance and security. Hosting with us is so easy and because we manage everything behind the scenes – you can sit back, relax and do what royals do.

We have over 20 years of web hosting experience, and 9 years WordPress development experience. Trust us to know what we can do for you.

Higher Performance, Better Support, Give the Order. Forward! Archers!

Full Features List

Automatic Updates

  • Our service automatically updates the plugins on your website every 24 hours.
  • No need to bother you milord! We’ll even manage the incremental and core updates to WordPress for you too!


  • Your WordPress site is locked down like a Fortress, with active protection from brute force wp-login attacks.
  • Our firewalls screen all traffic for bad IP addresses and user agents.
  • Detection of SQL injection and XSS scripting attempts.
  • Unique Account Isolation –We take advantage of virtualization to keep your site inside its own container. This means all accounts are isolated from each other.

Unparalleled Disk Performance

  • Our clever approach to storage infrastructure utilises multiple mirrored copies of your data on the ZFS file system spread over high-throughput block storage volumes. The ZFS filesystem also protects your data from sudden corruption.

HTTPS with Let’s Encrypt SSL Support

  • Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated, and open certificate authority.
  • Our web servers interact with the Let’s Encrypt service to obtain certificates, and will automatically take care of renewal too.
  • This feature allows your WordPress site to be secured full-time using the HTTPS protocol.

Intelligent caching

  • Using a proprietary system that we developed for our own requirements, your website will be snappier than Robin Hoods arrow.
  • We use ultra fast REDIS backend servers to bring database object caching and session management to your WordPress environment.

Dedicated MySQL

  • We keep MySQL databases separate on a dedicated system for serving faster database queries with latency in the single digits.

HTTP/2 and more

  • HTTP/2 is the future of the Web! Its many benefits include multiplexing and concurrency, and header compression.
  • Serve your images and other building blocks of your website from a cookie-less domain for improved loading performance, eg:

Latest PHP7

  • PHP is the underlying programming language that WordPress operates on. Many benchmarks conclude that the latest PHP7 performs at around or at least twice the speed of its predecessor PHP5. Most web hosting companies still continue to support various versions of PHP5, some of which are well past their expiry date. 

Secure FTP Access

  • SFTP access to your WordPress installation for uploading your themes and plugins.

Regular Housekeeping

  • Database and Files Backup. Everything needed to rebuild your website in case of a catastrophic event is backed up daily to Amazons S3 cloud service and stored there for 30 days.
  • File and directory permissions. Checks are in place to ensure everything inside your WordPress installation has the correct ownership and permissions. We lock down WordPress really well, and having the right permissions is the most basic security best practice.
  • Update WordPress. If there is a new version of WordPress available on the day, we will update it.
  • Update Plugins. If there is a new version of a plugin which you have installed, and it is available in the WordPress repository, we will update it.
  • Comparison. A standard installation of WordPress with unmodified core files has a ‘signature’. We compare your installation with this signature to ensure it hasn’t been modified by other means – such as trojan backdoors and nasty things happening behind both our backs.
  • Remove spam comments. Just a little extra emptying the trash, any comments already flagged as spam will be removed from the database.
  • Renew SSL Certificates. Since the certificates issued by the Let’s Encrypt certificate authority have a 90 day expiry, our system will monitor and renew certificates automatically if they have less than 30 days to go.
  • Gate Check. If your domain name is no longer pointing to your website (mis-configured, rogue employee or simply expired), We will automatically email you to let you know.